For Members

The Terang and District Co-operative has about 3,000 shareholders, who we call our ‘Members’.

Our Member s have all bought or earned shares in the business. Not only do they have a say in the direction of the Co-op, they make considerable savings on purchases through a Member Rewards Program. Best of all, they’re actively part of a progressive and innovative community asset.

How to become a Member (shareholder)

  1. Fill out the membership application form .
  2. You can either buy shares ($50) or earn your shares by accruing 5,000 points from money spent across the businesses.

Member Benefits

  • Earn points with every purchase at any Co-op store.

– Earn 1 cent for every $1 spent.

– Points are redeemable at any of our five stores

– Points can be used to buy vouchers and pay accounts

– Every February 28th, points older than 12 months will expire

  • Benefit from member specials, deals and double-point purchases.

– Members’ Week exclusive deals and promotions

  • Receive voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Eligible to elect or nominate members of the Board
  • Eligible to stand on the Board of Directors
  • Terang Co-op shareholding

– Shareholders certificate issued if purchase 25 $2 shares OR accrues 5,000 points through purchases

  • Receive a 10 per cent discount at Terang Fitness & Wellbeing Centre.
  • Receive rebates on insurance premiums with WFI.
  • Receive a Quarterly Members newsletter.
  • Annual bonus of 10% shareholdings, paid in points (depending on profits).

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