Kevin farewells job that he loves at Terang Co-op

As one of Terang Co-op’s most familiar faces, Kevin Noonan is used to working all hours.

Twice a week he starts at midnight to clean the floors. Around 4am he goes home for breakfast and then be back on deck to work all day.

On the other days he has a 6.30am start to get the store ready. “I’ve got to have the shop ready to open by 8 o’clock and I’ve never been late,” he said.

The tireless worker said farewell to the co-op last week, retiring two days after turning 65. If it wasn’t for arthritis, Mr Noonan said he would be happy to keep working.

“I’m going to miss the people” he said. “You can’t work with people for so long without getting attached to them. I love dealing with the customers. I’ve known them all my life and you do what you can to help.”

General manager Charlie Duynhoven has also announced he plans to retire in early 2017 after nearly 43 years with the co-op.

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